Loretto’s AdvancedMeal food services deliver quality, variety, cost-efficiency to skilled nursing facilities, adult day care programs, assisted living facilities, and employee cafeterias throughout Central New York. AdvancedMeal assures reliable delivery as well as operational oversight. Our customers typically require a three-day emergency food supply. But more important and impressive, is our daily delivery record, even during harsh winters. We also provide monthly quality checks on–site, meet with your staff and resident council, monitor processes and recommend improvements.

Quality and Variety

Food quality and variety is you clients’ first concern, so our processes incorporate the highest quality ingredients, resident input, and a four-week menu cycle for a satisfying combination. All menus are approved by a registered dietitian and meet all applicable State and Federal regulations.


AdvancedMeal offers various options for savings. At the heart of the operation is our central processing kitchen, the Commissary, where all courses and meals are prepared. Our highly trained and certified production staff provides consistent recipe preparation using advanced cooking, and packing and chilling procedures. All cooked and fresh foods are shipped directly from the Commissary to locations throughout New York State, saving customers in staffing, equipment maintenance and utilities costs.

Food Safety and Compliance

Since its inception, AdvancedMeal has achieved an exemplary survey record. State–of–the–art cook/chill technology ensures that all cooked foods are quickly chilled to a safe temperature for storage and transport. Depending on your operation, foods are prepared specifically for either re-therm units or conventional reheating, allowing the full range of serving options: individual trays, family-style, buffet line or dining service.


The directors of AdvancedMeal bring together extensive experience in two key areas: quality catering and dining services, and staff and physical plant management supporting large operations. Education and training goes beyond the expected. Our production staff includes college graduates with advanced foodservice training and cook/chill certification.

High Tech/High Standards:

AdvancedMeal has produced more than 8-million meals since its inception and approximately two-million meals annually. AdvancedMeal takes responsibility for nutritional standards, standardized health and safety procedures and immediate compliance with all regulations. Reducing this operational burden allows our customers focus on clinical services, client care and supportive technologies.

AdvancedMeal customers benefit from operational reductions in:

  • Human resource expense including staff reduction, recruiting, training, turnover, EEOC, Human Rights and Workers’ Compensation responsibilities
  • Operating costs
  • Supplement expenditures
  • Invoice processing
  • Waste removal expense
  • Cleaning expense
  • Vendor interactions
  • Utility expense
  • Repair and maintenance expense


Menu development and choices

Facility input is key in developing your master menu, incorporating nutritional requirements,residents’ preferences and extras. AdvancedMeal delivers a four-week menu cycle which changes three times a year and includes special selections for holidays. Additional rotations, by day and by meal, include soft sandwiches, sliced-meat sandwiches and canned fruits. Appealing flavor is supported by highest quality meats, fresh produce and nutritious ingredients.

Cook/chill process and benefits

State–of–the–art procedures and equipment consistently produce quality foods, which are immediately packaged and chilled to 37º in under an hour. This optimum temperature is maintained during storage and transport to our customers. Foods arrive ready for reheating by conventional methods or in specialized re-therm units. Immediate and long term savings are realized by reduction in foodservice human resources and related expenses. Depending on your needs, we can train your streamlined staff in appropriate heating and serving procedures, or provide complete foodservice responsibilities.

Full-service onsite foodservice

If staffing problems or regulatory issues are interfering with your mission, AdvancedMeal has full-service solutions. AdvancedMeal will hire, train and manage staff, install and maintain equipment, and handle all related compliance, support and administrative tasks. These significant improvements in foodservice and reduced operational burden are often reason enough to switch; built-in cost-efficiencies can also provide budgetary benefits.


To streamline your foodservice operation without compromising quality, AdvancedMeal drop-off options allow fewer employees to accomplish more. We deliver bulk foods or prepared meals for either conventional reheating or specialized re-therm units. Depending on your needs, we install appropriate equipment and retrain your staff.


Equal employment opportunity is a fundamental principle at AdvancedMeal. Employment is based upon personal capabilities and qualifications without discrimination. Come join our fast-moving and growing organization.

As an AdvancedMeal employee, you will have the opportunity to help chart the future of the organization. AdvancedMeal utilizes advanced technology in its food production systems to provide lower-cost, higher-quality options to Central New York housing and healthcare facilities, adult daycare and homebound meal programs.

To achieve our potential, we operate as one united workforce with one objective: to be the low-cost, high quality contract foodservice in Central New York.

We are serious when we say that one of AdvancedMeal’s most important assets is its employees. It is the service they provide which determines the success of our company. This is why we make a significant commitment to employee training and education. As a part of the AdvancedMeal team, you will have access to a wide range of personal and professional benefits.

  • The opportunity for flexible schedules
  • Competitive waves
  • Competitive healthcare plan with prescription coverage
  • Flex care plans for dependent and unreimbursed medical expenses
  • Dental care plan
  • Paid time off
  • Group discounts

Contact Us

For more information about AdvancedMeal, please contact AdvancedMeal office manager, Gail Robedee-Teachout,
at (315) 413-3512 or


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