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Loretto offers a variety of presentations.
Presentations can be tailored to fit your needs.

To schedule a presentation, please contact:

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Living Purposeful Lives at Home through the Eden Alternative

The Eden Alternative centers on relationships and their growth. It teaches us to consider each elder much like a plant or flower, from beginning to end, and reminds us to treat them as always living, always growing.

The session provides information about The Eden at Home Series, which applies the power of the Eden Alternative to improving quality of life for elders living at home with their care partners.

Life Harvests: The Gift of Sage-ing® for Family Caregivers

This introductory or "Sage-ing® 101" session for family caregivers is the perfect follow-up to Loretto's presentations featuring the Eden Alternative philosophy of care and the Eden At Home Series.

The Sage-ing® program is a process that invites elders, family caregivers and other care partners to cultivate their lives and make the years of elderhood a time of learning and growth while engaging in life review, harvesting one's wisdom, life repair and life completion.

Growing Home: Inspiring Family Caregivers & Their Elders

Dr. Bill Thomas is internationally recognized as a leading authority on the future of aging and longevity. He is a Harvard Medical School graduate, author, geriatrician and president to two not-for profit organizations devoted to a positive elderhood: The Summer Hill Company, parent to the Eden Alternative philosophy of care, and The Center for Growing and Becoming, parent to the Green House and other holistic approaches to aging and the care of our elders.

An incredibly gifted speaker, Dr. Thomas currently serves as consultant for the Loretto family of care and its vision to transform the face of eldercare in Central New York.

“Growing Home” promises to be a rare, uplifting and not-to-be missed presentation for families caring for their elders or other loved ones at home. Thomas’ vast insights will encourage attendees to view their home as a “garden” and an elder as “a person who is still growing and whose life continues to have within it promise for and connection to the future.”

Reducing and Redirecting Stress

This presentation will discuss techniques that caregivers can use to redirect stress in a healthy way. Meditation, yoga and other stress reduction techniques will be illustrated during a brief demonstration. You might find these techniques are just what you need to lighten your mental load and redirect that stress. As caregivers, family, or friends of a loved one, there are demands and stresses that may have a negative impact on the caregiver/patient relationship. This can result not only in physical abuse but also in unintentional elder abuse including emotional, passive and financial abuse.

Beating the Holiday Blues
Featuring the Gifts of Exercise

This seminar will present ways to beat the holiday blues, especially for caregivers who might be struggling with a loved one who seems sad, lonely or may be struggling with health or financial problems. The seminar will also include an interactive geriatric exercise model session used in the Loretto family of care that helps promote overall well being and positive attitudes. You might find that these exercises are just what you need to get through the holiday season.

Understanding How to Pay for Longterm Care in CNY

Paying for Long Term Care can often be a headache. This seminar will ease your pain and provide you with clear and concise information about the complexities of Medicare and Medicaid.

I Don’t Want to Go to a Nursing Home
Innovative Home & Community Based Care in CNY

Loretto home & community based care representatives will introduce alternatives to nursing home care and dispel some of their negative myths and misconceptions.

Featured alternatives discussed will include Loretto’s Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), Loretto’s Lifeline 24 hour medical response system and Daybreak, Loretto’s adult medical day program.


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